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I bring good news (for me), I am well! Hooray. And better news (for me) I have finished my exams and passed all my modules, which means I've passed second year. I even passed Zulu, but angikhulumi isiZulu kahle. Hooray! So I have one more year and I get my degree. Thinking of doing honours after that but you know I'm on holiday now and all I can think of is food and sleep and Supernatural. 

Friday's youth meeting went extremely well, thanks for all the inspiring things you shared - I used a lot of ideas from there. I spent most of this week reading. A trip to the library is always extremely refreshing, even though we walk back to the car slowly carrying bags of heavy books. I have such a nerd family. I'm busy with "Hearts and Minds" by Amanda Craig which I'm enjoying so far. I forgot how much I love reading a novel I know I'm going to finish (haha). In other news, a cousin is getting engaged this weekend, and my mother and I had an argument about what I'm going to wear. I see nothing wrong with wearing the same brown lace dress I wore for my other cousin's engagement two years ago. And so what if my mom used it for the wedding. And I may have used it last Christmas as well, but it really doesn't bug me as much as it bugs my mom. I wear the same worn out black polka dot dress every year for Good Friday. Anyway, after a crazy racket about it, I eventually settled on another dress I had lying in my cupboard, it's blue and brown and retro and trippy. She dragged me to shop for a pair of shoes to match the dress, and I hate shopping almost as much as I hate centipedes and racism. Shoes are ugly these days. Fashion in general is turning strange. We all look so peculiar in these strangely cut shapes and neon colours. Anyway, I survived that. 

Looking forward to training & Holiday Club in the next two weeks! I'm also working on this huge writing project (I always say that don't I) but I can't share it here because it's meant for a friend of mine. It's a daunting task but hey. Life is a daunting task. Pooping after eating a curry is a daunting task. But it must be done. 

Hope you're all well. I'd just like to quickly add that I really like all of you. Even though some of you are a bit snotty and write nonsensically huge artsy words like the sun shines out your bum, it's okay. That makes me like you even more sometimes. I sometimes like to think the sun shines out my bum. Who doesn't. A warm bum is a happy bum. Those who disagree have never stuck their bare butt out into the sunshine. Try it, the sensations are unbelievable and I promise you'll thank me for embarrassing the fuck out of you LULZ. 
  • Reading: Hearts and Minds
nawkaman Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013
Glad you are doing well, and everybody enjoys a nice warm bum from time to time.
IyraEMM Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
time to time - you mean always 
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November 27, 2013


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